What's Wrong with this Picture?

I recently sent this e-mail to The Jewish Press of Brooklyn, NY,
in reaction to their endorsement of a number of Democrats for political office.
I feel this situation is illustrative of the cross-purposes at which American Jews and Noachides have long been working.


Dear Jewish Press:

There must be some mistake. Surely there is a mole planted somewhere among the members of the editorial board of The Jewish Press.

The Jewish Press, the most "notorious" rightwing Orthodox/Zionist publication in the English-speaking world, the publisher of editorials attacking politically-correct Bible-thumping and Phil Donahue, has endorsed a number of New York State politicos running for election this year . . . in the Democratic party.

This was a joke, right? Even though it's nowhere near Purim.

The endorsements state that the endorsed Democratic politicos show sensitivity to Jewish issues. Excuse me, but aren't HaShem and the Torah the primary Jewish issues? What could possibly be more important to Judaism and the Jewish community? "Tolerance" and "diversity" perhaps? I'm sure Yehoushu`a Bin Nun (`alayv hashalom) would approve . . . NOT!!!

Allow me to present a look at things from an unusual perspective. I am a Ben Noach. A NOACHIDE. That means I am supposed to be every Torah Jew's dream gentile, a non-Jew who does not merely tolerate but accepts Torah Judaism as the One True Religion, the religion that is to triumph over all falsehoods in the end and bring about the Kingdom of G-d. I have given up chr*stmas and e*ster. I recite Pslams every morning (in Hebrew) and keep up with the weekly Torah and Haftarah readings. I don't do business or travel or even use my computer on Shabbat or Yom Tov (even though of course I am forbidden to keep them exactly as Jews do). And I can tell you it is unbelievably hard and painful being a Noachide in America today. And do you know why?

It isn't because of my "small-minded, bumpkinish" chr*stian neighbors, that's for sure. They have never given me any trouble. What makes Nochut so painful a philosophy in contemporary America is the split personality, bordering on psychosis, of the American ORTHODOX Jewish community which (as you so aptly demonstrate) remains addicted to Democratic liberalism--the ideology of atheism, homosexuality, Biblical criticism, animal rights, and (not coincidentally) the Palestine Liberation Organization. Oh, but the American Left doesn't support the PLO, right? It only supports all its buddies and makes a single exception with regard to the middle east because the State of Israel is such a perfect manifestation of American liberal ideology, right? Balderdash.

Let's put our cards on the table. Judaism--REAL Judaism--is TORAH, nothing more nor less. And the Torah is anything but pluralistic, tolerant, or even remotely modern. In the world of Torah, slavery is still valid (in fact, a Jew may give a non-Jewish female slave to a married Jewish slave in order to breed non-Jewish slaves, as you well know). Furthermore, while a woman may have only one husband, a man may have as many wives as he can afford (theoretically), including pilagshim ("concubines"). You study these laws all the time. Presumably you also study the laws that make the act of idolatry a chayyav mitah for any human being, Ben Yisra'el or Ben Noach. And you certainly know that Sheva` Mitzvot Benei Noach are binding on all non-Jewish humanity, both individually and corporately. In other words, no one has the "right" to worship any "gxd" other than HaShem. There is no "freedom or religion" in the Torah worldview. You are confusing Har Sinai with Thomas Paine, I am afraid.

Why does the organized Torah community not take a more active role in disseminating Sheva` HaMitzvot rather than promoting enlightenment liberalism? Is it because we Noachides are an embarrassment? Does what we know about Judaism clash with its liberal, sophisticated, modern image? Does the breeding of parot 'adummot (and indeed the very idea of animal sacrifices) embarrass you?

Very well. Your psychotic split personality embarrasses us. We are embarrassed by "right wing" Orthodox publications that run endorsements of atheist liberal politicians alongside Divrei Torah that explain that the reason chartumey-Mitzrayim could not turn the sand into lice was because demons have no power over anything smaller than a barleycorn (do you ever tell that story at Democratic fundraisers?). We are embarrassed by the Torah Community's dedication to playing the multicultural ethnic minority game (a game for which most American Noachides do not qualify). We are embarrassed by praise for liberal chr*stians who announce that Judaism is "okay" because they believe everything is and who believe the Torah is "ancient near eastern mythology," G-d forbid. What about the Pentecostal preacher in Mississippi who bred a strain of Halakhically qualified parot 'adummot? Is he too flawed, too imperfect, to qualify as a friend of the Jewish people? I notice that liberal atheists who claim that title are not subjected to the same microscopic inspection.

Where were the "Jewish activists" when we Noachides were being ridiculed and attacked for simply stating that this past weekend was the 5762nd anniversary of the creation of 'Adam HaRi'shon? You may not realize this, being part of a "gorgeous mosaic," but out here in the un-exotic American heartland those beliefs which are "quaint" in you are considered stupid and ignorant in us, who cannot hide behind the facade of a minority ethno-culture.

Where are the "Jewish activists" when liberal professors (promoters of tolerance and diversity to a one) are "deconstructing" the Holy Torah and blaspheming Seifer Berei'shit for being "racist, sexist, speciesist, and homophobic?" Are the "Jewish activists" perhaps sitting at political dinners with these benei mavet and endorsing them for political office??? What kind of "Jewish activist" has so little regard for the will of Melekh Malkhei HaMelakhim, HaQadosh Barukh Hu'???????

If people like me embarrass you, then I must confess the feeling is mutual.

Do you want to know why the Redemption has not yet come? I do not know the deeper things of the secrets of HaShem, but I do know that apparently many Torah Jews are not ready for such an event. After all, Mashiach HaMelekh (yaggia` veyavo' beqarov beyameynu) is not going to sit down with atheist liberal politicians when he comes. He is going to wage WAR, the War of HaShem, against the wicked. Rambam says he will force Sheva` HaMitzvot on the nations of the earth by offering them the alternative of death. This doesn't exactly fit the modern image of "tolerant, liberal, non-missionary" Judaism, does it? No it doesn't . . . any more than does Yehoshu`a Bin Nun.

Now, I know that the fear of chr*stianity among Jews has been so great and historically justified that opposition to chr*stianity has almost been confused with the very raison d'etre of Judaism (even though Judaism predates it by at least a thousand years). Yet this fear should have never turned Torah Jews against Sheva` Mitzvot Benei Noach. But I must confess to you that I, like most Noachides, came to Torah from Fundamentalist chr*stianity, and that it was the very belief in an objective religious Truth that led me to my current position. Isn't the preference of liberal chr*stians who don't even really believe in G-d at all to Noachides--and the vast number of POTENTIAL Noachides still in the Fundamentalist chr*stian community--self-defeating? But perhaps non-Jews who actually know the content of Judaism, so far removed from its modern, "enlightened," liberal image, are threatening to you (the distance between Heaven and earth is **how many** "walking years"???). No wonder there are so few Noachides and no wonder we receive so little encouragement. We know too much!

At any rate, I now return you to your usual business of endorsing liberal politicians in between paeans to the Six Days of Creation (a belief apparently not everyone has the right to share) and to Alan Keyes. But this particular blend still makes me positively dizzy. At least do not sing "we want Mashiach now!" this Simchat Torah when you obviously wouldn't know what to do with him! I'm sure he would embarrass you too. Either the leaders of this generation *are* the `Eirev Rav or else Yeridat HaDor has reached ground level.